John Sovec, MA, LMFT

I am a therapist, coach and counselor in Pasadena CA who will help you to reconnect to the things that matter in your life. More than just talk therapy, you and I will work together to uncover the blocks that are keeping you stuck and open up new paths of understanding that will help you to create the life you desire.

When you arrive at my office, centrally located at the Castle Green in Old Town Pasadena, you will experience a truly unique therapeutic environment. Some days we may sit and focus on the narrative of your life, other days we may do art projects to unlock your thought process, or even take a walk around the private gardens to stimulate the process of sharing. Yoga, reading, awareness exercises and mediation are other tools that I invite into our work together.

So what makes all of these processes work? It is my training as an alumni of Phillips Graduate Institute where I primarily focused on a Post Modern Narrative approach to therapy. This style recognizes you as the expert of your life experience and creates a collaborative and respectful approach to the work.

This collaborative style is highly effective in developing you as an agent of change in your own life even when you are feeling flooded by depression, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, and stress.

And of course I really enjoy working with teens. I have received additional training in school-based therapy, positive adolescent development, teen addiction, and non-violent communication which I bring to my work with adolescents.

I am also a nationally recognized expert on the coming out process for LGBT teens and I work with both teens and their families to ease the experience and open up channels for communication and understanding.

There’s lots more to tell and I am open to answer your questions when we speak in person. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 626.374.7046 and let’s talk.

It’s time to experience your life!

John Sovec
Fun Facts about John
  • I teach yoga
  • I own two, yes two, Great Danes
  • I am a voracious reader
  • I have been skydiving
  • I have read all of the Game of Thrones Books and watch the show as well
  • I am a fantastic baker
  • Traveling is my passion
  • I find nature very nurturing and get out hiking whenever I can
  • I was born in Hollywood CA
  • Downton Abbey makes me happy
  • I enjoy going to concerts and seeing live music performances
  • I rode and jumped horses when I was younger
  • Game nights with friends make me happy
  • I write a monthly column for Good Therapy

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