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It seems like just yesterday thatInspired learning the kids were racing out the hallways as the last stay of school came to a close and the endless possibilities of summer lay ahead. And yet, it seems that summer has raced by and is beginning to wane and the specter of school days is back in the picture.

In the next few weeks, the great back to school migration begins for kids all over the country. I remember the mix of emotions that would flood me as a kid at the end of every summer.  I was sad that the summer had ended and I would have to return to the routine of school but I was also excited at the prospect of seeing what the new school year would bring.

For me, learning is an exciting prospect. I believe that to remain vital and current in my life I need to constantly challenge myself and embrace opportunities for discovery. This does not mean that my head is always buried in a book. Rather, I am available and open to whatever situations might present themselves that offer me an opportunity to explore and learn something new.

Living your life in this open and engaged manner can be exciting and fulfilling. The prospects can include taking a cooking class, volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and learning building skills, watching a documentary on an aspect of humanity that is not part of your daily consciousness, or yes, even reading a book.

To spark the learning process, first choose something that you are comfortable with, a class or project that will get your juices flowing but is still within your realm of experience. Then, step outside the box and try something completely new that might even feel a little bit uncomfortable. Be willing to challenge yourself in ways that will develop new confidence and skills.

The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination and willingness to try something new and different.

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