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Sometimes it's fun to go it alone.Therapy and Counseling for depression in Pasadena  To be a pioneer and take on tasks all by yourelf.

But sometimes the feeling of alone can alter into the feeling of lonely, morping into an energy that can make you feel isolated, depressed, and unworthy.

Isolation has the ability to hamper our ability to feel good about ourselves and the lives we lead.  It can make us question our value, our ability to give and receive love, and our place in our family and community. Isolation is often driven by a vague feeling of not belonging that then leads to a lack of desire to encounter rejection.

As the summer progresses there are lotsStress reduction from www.JohnSovec.com of activities to participate in and many people find themselves out in the sun: running, biking, swimming, hiking, and in general enjoying lots of physical activity.  An interesting byproduct of this increased level of exercise  can be a lift in mood (especially for people facing depression or anxiety)  and a general feeling of well being.

We all know that exercise is integral to physical fitness and assisting in the prevention of  high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. A growing volume of research is now suggesting that exercise can also help improve mental wellness including the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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