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Stress is a crafty little devil and even thoughtalk therapy to reduce stress you are focusing on taking better care of yourself with the first three steps of the program, stress has other places that it likes to hide out.

Stuff happens in our lives and in any moment we have two choices we can take it all inside and feel bad about ourselves or we can talk to friends, family, and loved ones and get things out of our system.


Talk about problems with trusted friends, family or a therapist. The more you try to hide things and bury them away, the more stressful things can become. Pretending things are okay isn’t fooling anyone and when we share openly with people we not only release our personal burden we also build a closer bond with that person.

And if the problems seem too big, remember that therapy is a great place to unburden yourself and gain insight into the issues that are bringing stress into your life.

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