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Sometimes it's fun to go it alone.Therapy and Counseling for depression in Pasadena  To be a pioneer and take on tasks all by yourelf.

But sometimes the feeling of alone can alter into the feeling of lonely, morping into an energy that can make you feel isolated, depressed, and unworthy.

Isolation has the ability to hamper our ability to feel good about ourselves and the lives we lead.  It can make us question our value, our ability to give and receive love, and our place in our family and community. Isolation is often driven by a vague feeling of not belonging that then leads to a lack of desire to encounter rejection.

When the feeling of not fitting in has the opportunity to develop, it grows into a stronger negative voice that can tell us we don’t fit in anywhere and should just stay home. This feeling can be the precursor for depression, which then takes hold and makes it harder and harder to find motivation to connect.

One of the ways to counteract the power of isolation is to understand that not all of us fit into every situation, to look at ourselves and honestly assess what connections would make us happy.  If you are not a person who feels comfortable going to a party, why force yourself into that type of interaction.  Perhaps you are more comfortable taking a class or attending a workshop. Maybe your passion is to go hiking or ride your bike.

Find what works for you and then connect into that community.  Those first few forays into reconnecting can be scary, but when you commit to activities on a regular basis it will become easier and easier.

And who knows what kind of fun and exciting people you will meet along the way!

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