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Caretaker. Co-dependent. Giver.

Those of us who offer our energy freely to the world often fallfocusing meditation under the heading of these blessed descriptions with much of our time in the care of others but not always concentrating on the care of ourselves. 

Yet the energy that we expend on bringing healing into the world has to come from somewhere and taking the time to bring even a small amount of peace into our busy lives can be beneficial to ourselves and the people we interact with on a daily basis.  And we can get there in three easy breaths!  Here's how.

Become absolutely motionless! 

Do absolutely nothing! 

Now in that stillness take a full breath and then let it go.  Take another one, and let it go.  One more deep inhale, followed by a complete exhale.  Now continue on with your activity.

That’s it. 

But notice how taking this little break has changed you energy, your awareness, and even your attitude toward the moment you are in.  This tool can be valuable for those experiencing anxiety and depression as well as a means to even out the highs and lows that one goes through. Use this throughout the day and see what a difference these mini vacations into you can make

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