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"I'm bored" " There's nothing to do" advenutre-johnsovec.com" We just don't seem to have as much fun as we used to"  Is this what the beginning of your weekend sounds like, with family and friends all feeling a lack of excitement at the prospect of free time?

It seems that our spirit of adventure gets set aside when it comes to living our everyday lives in settings that we assume we are familiar with. Very often we miss the experiences that are awaiting us in our own communities and neighborhoods.Finding time to nurture and care for ourselves is a vital part of what keeps us active and alive in mind, body, and spirit Self care is not just about working out the body to be more fit or meditating to quiet the thoughts. Self care is also about stimulating our minds and imaginations to create vitality that recharges our batteries.

When we travel, many of us become brave explorers, taking risks and finding adventure through our willingness to notice the details of life and being receptive and open. We visit museums, parks, and historic sites with interest and eagerness.

Getting out and experiencing the world right outside your door is an easy and inexpensive means to plug in and feel good. Having fun with friends and family can relieve stress, lift your mood, and increase your levels of energy.

Now is a great time to explore your neighborhood as if you are a tourist visiting for the first time. Check local papers for events and destinations within your community.  If your town is large enough, explore online or find a travel guide that points out cool things to do in your area.

Be creative. Attend local street fairs, farmers markets, and lectures at colleges and libraries. Sometimes just a walk around your town center can be a revelation in noticing the architecture and local shops.

Invite family and friends to join you in this adventure as you discover unexpected gems right in your own back yard.

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