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Having big dreams is one of the catalyst that’sDream Big helps us to grow and develop as human beings.  In therapy, we often uncover those big dreams and they become a goal, a beacon that provides inspiration for action and movement.

It is a vital part of personal development to have a dream that keeps us involved in our own life experience. Yet sometimes blocks, barricades, and hurdles slow our progress and make us question if our dream is even attainable. Rather than interpreting this energy as the universe saying NO!, to your dream perhaps the message is a more subtle, Not Yet.


The challenge comes in our impatience, our desire to create arbitrary time lines, and a need for instant gratification.  You would never force a peach to ripen before its time. We let each peach develop and ripen until that moment of perfection when it is ready to be harvested. If picked to early the fruit is bitter, grainy, and unappealing

We want our dreams to be bursting with energy and so need to allow them to flourish and mature. Allow the energy of patience to be part of your process as you move towards your goals.  Follow the cues that come your way, pay attention when the blocks come up and discover what you are supposed to learn in that moment.

And when all the pieces fall in place and it is the moment for all of that energy to coalesce you will find your dream overtakes you, ripens to possibilities you have not even imagined, and sparkles into reality.

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