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You've probably Watching too much tvheard all the studies that say how much television people watch every day   (current studies estimate  35 hours per week for Americans) and say to yourself, yeah but that's not me. It's not just the amount of television you watch but also why you are watching in the first place.

Many people people turn on the tube to escape and distract themselves.  It becomes an automatic response rather than a thought out purposeful decision. Wednesday nights are Top Chef, Thursday nights are American Idol, and Sunday is dedicated to sports. These habits build quickly and effect both our physical health and our relationships.

Next time you feel like turning on the television and vegging out ask yourself this question: "Is there anything else I would rather be doing?" Many times the answer will be yes and you can enjoy time with your family, cook a meal together, phone a friend, or take a walk. Occasionally the answer will be no and it is okay to take that time and watch a show or two.

This is not about giving up television, it is about watching it consciously and knowing that you always have a choice in how you spend your time.  It's a big wide wonderful world and it can be very exciting to experience it in person rather than just watching it on television.

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