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Summer is here and the drive to createStress releif for the modern age and maintain that perfect swimsuit body is a goal many of you are trying to live up to each day. You find yourself at the gym, taking daily runs, and constantly focusing on defining that elusive six pack.

And while this commitment to maintaining the physical body is vitally important, there is another component to wellness that involves your inner being; let's call this inner fitness. Inner fitness is a commitment to developing your inner strengths and learning how to deal with personal challenges in a more productive manner.

So what are we looking at here? An example that many of you face daily is how you respond whenever someone cuts in front of you while you are driving. The natural response seems to be to curse them or flip the bird. This automatic response comes from your own stress and anxiety which has built up over the minutes, days, months, and years that you have not paid attention to stress relief and self-care.

The challenge is to learn to manage stress and loosen the tight reigns of anxiety whenever possible in order to reduce the need to rush. Less rushing about will help you to build an awareness of when triggers set you off. Doing this requires an awareness of your own inner dialogue, observing you automatic response, and then choosing to make a different and hopefully healthier response to those stressful situations. The more aware you become of what's happening emotionally, the more able you are to respond in ways that are healthier

You can enhance this inner awareness by committing to a meditation practice, taking time to breathe, discovering personal stress relievers such as reading or listening to music, and even a decision to share openly and honestly with the people around you so stress doesn't have a chance to build up.

By paying attention to your inner fitness, you can learn to manifest more stillness, peace and connectedness to friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers on the street.

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