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You have to have a life to bring Sparking creativityyour best to the table as an actor” These words where surprisingly enough from my agent when I was talking to him about turning down a job because I was burned out and run down.  Although his percentage as my agent was on the line as well, he emphasized how vital it was for actors to get out and live a full life as an important facet of being a fully realized performer. Living a full life is a valuable catalyst for fueling the creative spark in all of us.

As kids, we tend to be more open to the idea of learning just for the fun of learning but as adults the cues aren't as clear and we often lose our inspiration to learn new things amid various commitments and responsibilities that demand our attention and time. When we do make time to learn a new skill it is often related to career advancement with the learning seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Perhaps, just like kids returning to school, we can find methods of inspiring our adult selves to learn something new in an area that interests us and brings us enjoyment, just for the sake of learning.


So how can you apply this concept to your life? A powerful way you can inspire and motivate that growth process is to view learning as a constant evolution of refining, and polishing. Just as you need to eat well, exercise and get your rest, learning is a way to stimulate the mind and feed the spirit to keep you active and engaged in life.

It is easy to come up with reasons not to take a class, workshop, or online course including lack of time, money, confidence, or interest, and lack of information about opportunities to learn. But in reality, these are just excuses.

When you overcome the internal resistance, entering into a learning environment can open the doors to making new friends, boosting self-esteem, cultivating hidden talents and discovering new aspects of your creative self.

Learning is an ongoing experience where you can commit to growth and self -expression not just as an artist but also as person. Seeking knowledge satisfies an inquiring mind and can stimulate you to take risks and chances, giving a welcome break from the routine of work and home that can become a source of resentment if you’re not careful.

So take a chance and put some energy into learning something new. Seek out local colleges, community centers, online courses, books, yoga studios, meditation centers cooking classes. Ask friends about any cool courses that they are taking not directly related to your artistic genre.  Use these classes to re-energize and invigorate yourself.  Its’ a good bet that these classes will open up your artistic side and allow you to bring even more to the table for your next creative project.

Dare yourself to step outside your comfort zone and learn something new just for the fun of learning.

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