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Many of us are committed to extremelyHigher Potential from www.JohnSovec.com busy lives, working from dawn until dusk and sometimes beyond with a 12 - 15 hour work day becoming more and more common.

But it is impossible to perform at your peak every minute of the entire day. So the question is, when are you at your ideal potential for performing each of the activities you need to accomplish during the day?
It is worth taking a moment and looking at how your energy levels ebb and flow during the day.  For me, I do most of my writing in the morning. I have found that this seems to be the time when my creative energy is flowing the best. I also find that, for me, the afternoon is best for physical tasks.

How do you discover your hours of productivity?  Begin by taking a blank calendar and keeping it with you for a week.  Notate on it the times when you feel energized, times when you feel focused, times when you feel drowsy, creative, quiet, and so on. Notice if any patterns begin to emerge and how you can best match those times to the activities you need to accomplish during the day.

Creative times might be when you schedule project development, writing, and artistic endeavors. energized hours are when you want to be active and get around. Quiet times might be when you answer emails and focus on setting your priority lists.

So when are your creative energy moments, when are your physical activity moments, when are you best suited to engage in communication?  By finding when these natural fluctuations occur for you, you can tap into your highest potential by arranging your schedule accordingly.

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