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It seems like the world is in such a rush these days with anxiety and worry being at the forefront of the emotional tsunami that is threatening to overwhelm much of our sanity. And yet this is just another moment.

When we look back over the course of our life experience we will recognize that it is composed of a collection of moments, each one woven together to create the fabric of who we are today.  But not one of those events is any greater than the next.  Sure, we may attach importance to them, but in the larger picture none of these moments has more value than the next.

The skill of patience will allow us to connect to each moment as it happens without using the filters of past stories to cloud our vision.  Take time to taste life, see the small steps along the way that make up the big picture, make room for your entire life story to be lived.

And when some tells you to hurry up, invite them to take a break with you and enjoy the moment that you two can share together.

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