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As the New Year opens ahead we find ourselves bubbling up with great ideas of the things we want to do in our lives.  And yet as the year progresses we find that we lose focus and little ever seems to happen or change.  The things you dream of don’t seem to be appearing in your life.

There’s a little secret to getting some of these dreams to come true.  YOU have to make them happen.  It is easy to sit back and come up with ideas but those ideas have to be implemented with a plan of action to make them come to life. The energy of manifesting will inform the universe of what you desire in your life.

The other part of the equation is to take the steps that are necessary to implement those desires. Small steps are the most doable so break your dream down into small increments and tackle part of the solution every day.

Small steady steps can often have larger payoffs than grand gestures.

Give yourself the freedom to dream both large and small but also be willing to take the actions necessary to make those dreams come true.

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