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Every day we set ourselves a listSteps to Achieving Your Goals of good intentions and goals that we would like to accomplish.  And yet we often over esimate the amount that we can accomplish in any one twenty-four hour period.

How can you find a way to recommit to these intentions you set to manifest change and not feel that it is just one more things to do in the your busy day? 


How about starting small! We sometimes get caught up in doing the big things in our lives that we miss how much we can change in small committed increments.

Examine one arena of your life where you would like to see change and using that information figure out what would be the absolutely smallest thing you could do to make that change happen. The smaller the task the better.

Now that you have that in mind, here is the commitment that you will make to yourself.  

For the next month you will commit to taking that small action you chose above every single day.  Commit to staying vigilant about doing that one tiny task each and every day. By using this technique you will learn how the process of change happens.

Instead of trying to make huge sweeping changes you will have the chance to pay attention to the small things that make up your habits and patterns. Each of these tiny actions by themselves may seem insignificant. Taking one step, however small, over time creates great change.

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