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I heard an interview with Anthony Doerr about his new shorttime slipping by story collection, Memory Wall, and he was speaking on how we place ourselves into the larger context of time. He used the phrase " the tiny fingersnap of time we get to be on this earth" and it got me to thinking of how we can better appreciate the moments we have.


It is so easy to put off everything until tomorrow, but eventually those tomorrows catch up with us and there is nothing left. If we are only here for a brief moment in the context of time, why not make the most of it?

Bucket lists, Life lists, To Do lists are are helpful in identifying things we want to see happen while we are here, but saying yes when it would be safer and easier to say no is another way for us to wring the last drops of passion out of each moment.

What are the things you want to make happen in the "tiny fingersnap" of your day today?

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