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Do you remember the first datecouples counseling you had with your current partner? Maybe there was a certain chemical reaction between the two of you? A quickening of your heartbeat, a sense of something magical in the air that was bigger than the two of you. Anything and everything seemed possible.

But as time went on, maybe a little of the magic vanished from your relationship. Abracadabra and life had stolen the initial passion that you had for each other. What can you do?

Summer is here and the drive to createStress releif for the modern age and maintain that perfect swimsuit body is a goal many of you are trying to live up to each day. You find yourself at the gym, taking daily runs, and constantly focusing on defining that elusive six pack.

And while this commitment to maintaining the physical body is vitally important, there is another component to wellness that involves your inner being; let's call this inner fitness.

Wow it's only June and alreadybelow the surface we have had some ninety degree days here in Pasadena. The AC has been on a couple of times and I picked some lemons off the tree to makes fresh lemonade last night. As I poured a nice tall glass of fresh lemonade I was fascinated with how the ice floated and it got me thinking about a concept I had heard a few weeks earlier about icebergs. Yes, icebergs!

Spring has sprung. The tulips are blooming,Yellow_flower the trees are covered with bright new foliage, and baby birds are raising their heads from their nests. This time of year is a season of growth and development and also a  good time to pause and evaluate your own growth and development. It is easy to just keep following the day-to-day grind without  ever stopping to look at where that grind is or isn't taking you.

With all this green growy spring energy in the air why not take the time to ask yourself three easy and eye opening questions:

You've probably Watching too much tvheard all the studies that say how much television people watch every day   (current studies estimate  35 hours per week for Americans) and say to yourself, yeah but that's not me. It's not just the amount of television you watch but also why you are watching in the first place.

April 15th, our least favorite day ofDollar the year. The day when taxes are due and the piper must be paid, or at least the IRS. Once the taxes are filed and the boxes of receipts are stashed away, it's a good idea to take a moment to look back over the previous year and review the financial decisions you have made and reflect on the impact those decisions have made on your life.

In this busy day and age it is so Good Friendswonderful to have friends to lean on when times are stressful or even just to share a good laugh with when you need a pick-me-up.

Maintaining friendships is an important way to lessen the stress in your life and also stay connected to what's real.  A good friend will tell you when you are right on track and support you in your growth and development. They will also tell you when you have gone too far, when your decisions are less than wise, and when it is time to get motivated.

There is something about the lightCandlelight this time of year that always seems to inspire me and put me in a good mood.  Whether it is the cool light of a winter sunrise or the warm glow of a fireplace, light seems to take on many facets during this time of year.

And so many of the holiday traditions that we carry forward each year are filled with the glow and inspiration of light.  In celebrating Chanukah the Menorah brings light to this holiday commemorating the miracle of the oil, while the Kinara, part of Kwanza, is lit to represent the seven guiding principals. In South India they light clay lamps on the rooftops and walls of their houses, the same way as Hindus decorate their homes during the Diwali Festival.

During this festive holiday time ofPerfect Christmas Gift year it is amazing the number of things that can turn from joyous to stressful in just the blink of an eye. Money, or the lack of it, is often a source of stress and anxiety as the holidays approach.  It can lead to arguments between couples, stress in families, and a sense of anxiety for those making it on their own. It is a facet of modern living that greatly influences our relationship with ourselves and others and yet it is a subject that very few people are comfortable speaking about openly.

In many cases, our associations with money have become such a negative influence and our expectations of the holidays so high that it becomes impossible to balance the two. There is also a huge amount of pressure from friends, family and society to buy the "perfect gift", or at least display the material symbols of success.

One of the toughest things about being agossip teenager is not what happens in the classroom but what happens on the school yard - the criticism and the ridicule, the gossip and rumors. It is so easy to get caught up in the world of gossip and lurid tales, especially in school. Everyone else is telling tales of the latest juicy scandal and it is easy to agree as a means to feel accepted and fit in. For many teenagers this is a way to socialize, connect to others and feel like they are part of the "in" crowd.

But words have power and what we speak of to our friends and casual acquaintances reflects on who we are as people.  Have you ever been in a conversation where a friend starts badmouthing another friend and wondered what happens when you are not around? Does that person speak poorly of you when your back is turned?

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